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She was the inspiration behind wanting to put on a musical featuring all her songs! I hope you like it! “It’s A Love Story” An Original Taylor Swift Musical! Watch it HERE

College students put on a musical with Taylor Swift songs. It’s really good and I suggest you watch it! 

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Anonymous said: Hi :) can I use your images to join taylor swift contest? Pleaseee :)

If you give me credit for them. What contest is it?

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College Students: Please take this 2 minute survey

Click here to take this survey about home entertainment (tv, netflix, internet, etc). It is for one of my college classes and we need as many responses as possible. It would be awesome if you could please take this 2 minute survey!

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I’ve found that throughout my life there have been celebrities that come and go. I remember the good old days when I was so excited to watch the newest episode of Hannah Montana. I loved Miley and her music. A few years later, I heard about this 17 year old named Taylor Swift. Her music really struck a chord with me. Then I found out about this kid named Justin Bieber. I thought he was legit. Many years later,now I do not like Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, because they changed… for the worse, so I decided to let them go. Taylor is special though, she changes but in a good way. I can always count on Taylor and that’s why I will never stop being a Swiftie. 

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